Reg 19 Local Plan Consultation 2017

We are now in the midst of a six week public consultation which started 9th June and ends 12.00pm (noon) on 24th July 2017. More housing, industrial space, and removal of Green Belt is slated for Send. This consultation is only receiving comments about changes to the plan since 2016, but there are numerous changes for Send, so it is well worth the effort to make your voice heard.

The main changes for Send are best covered by the Save Send Action Group, on their homepage:

If you wish to object to the broader policies, then the Guildford Greenbelt Group have a good list of objections here:

The simplest way to respond is on a per policy basis, by email (with the words “I object”) to: OR you can write to:

Local Plan Consultation, Planning Services, Guildford Borough Council, Millmead House, Millmead, Guildford, GU2 4BB


To read all of the official Guildford Borough Council documents, and their instructions for responding, please follow this link:

Consultation for the new Guildford Local Plan

The latest, and last round of public consultation for the new Guildford Local Plan before the plan and all our comments go to the Planning Inspector is available to view. Since it has huge implications for Send, our Borough, and Surrey it is important to respond before 11.59pm on Monday 18 July.

A total of 485 new homes are planned for Send, Send Marsh and Burnt Common with many more than this if land released in the enlarged settlement boundary (now called inset) is factored in. If we consider just the land within 1km of the A3 between the M25 and Guildford we are looking at 4400 homes, all served by a new junction to the A3 at Burnt Common.
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May 7th Elections

With the election leaflets arriving thick and fast through our letterboxes, readers of this blog will surely already be aware that there will be an election for Guildford Borough Council seats on May 7th.

At the moment we have a draft Local Plan – which is set to take Send out of the Green Belt – on hold until later this year. We have a National Government and Local Government who blame each other for the decision to build on the Green Belt. We have been told that Send must take its fair share of housing, yet the 24.5% growth slated for Send is excessive. If borough councils don’t include enough housing, the fear is National Government may reject the plan. However, it is hard to justify building on Green Belt when in Guildford there are empty offices, derelict sites, single story retail centres and car parks, and a sprawling university site. The more green fields that are opened up, the less incentive there is to make better use of the Guildford urban area. The villages surrounding Guildford do not deserve to be consumed by it.

I love my village and believe the Green Belt is the number one factor which helps Send to retain its rural feel. In the open spaces in our village I often see deer and other wildlife. Some parts of the Wey Navigation through Send have fields on either side, a view that has not changed over the centuries. This will go if the boundaries change. New developments are not small. Housing density is more than it used to be. Development money cannot pay for all the required infrastructure that 100s of homes will need. The A247 can only cope with so much traffic. If we are to remain in the Green Belt and keep our village’s identity the result of the upcoming election is very important. I urge you to look at the new political party – Guildford Greenbelt Group – who have two fantastic candidates for Send:
Susan Parker and Mike Hurdle.

There is also the chance to meet the candidates at today’s Ripley Farmers’ Market or at the local election hustings event which will take place 7:30pm, Monday 27th April, at the Send Social Club, Tannery Lane.

Land at Wisley Airfield – An application for a new town – 15/P/00012

The plan for 2100 homes and around 7,000 sq m of employment space has been submitted to Guilford Borough Council for planning permission. Wisley Action Group has asked us to distribute the following documents highlighting the negative impacts of this development:

Wisley Action Group 2015 Flyer (PDF, opens in New Window)

Local Road Network Proposed Changes (PDF, opens in New Window)

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Application for Construction of a Narrowboat Basin along the River Wey in Send

An application for construction of a narrowboat basin (marina) along the River Wey Navigation in Send has been submitted to Guildford Borough Council and is now open to public comment before Fri. 16th Jan31st March 31st July 31st Aug. and it will go to a planning committee Sept. 2nd. The summary reads as follows:

14/P/02289 | Construction of a Narrowboat basin and moorings facility. Including fuel, water & pump-out. Slipway with associated workshop building. Basin facility building with offices, chandlers, M & F toilets, showers, disabled toilet with changing and washing facility, laundry, storage area and employee single bedroom accommodation together with associated parking, landscaping and engineering works. | Land to the north of Tannery Lane & east of, Wharf Lane, Send, Woking

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In case readers of this blog are wondering, this blog is still alive and well. I have less time for blogging these days so I will quickly run through a number of points.

At the Oct. 7th Guildford Borough Council meeting I spoke in support of the Send Parish Council / Mr. Howard Turner’s petition, and specifically spoke about insetting Send from the Green Belt (taking Send out of the Green Belt). On this evening there was a peaceful protest with the Save Send Group attending, greeting those arriving with the Save Send signs. Continue reading Events

How the new Guildford Local Plan will affect everyone in Send, Surrey (including Send Marsh & Burnt Common)